CZARNOBYL ZDRÓJ: Partyzancka Polska Mlodziez: LP

Sep 16, 2021

A vinyl reissue of a cassette originally released in 1989 by this Polish quartet. I’m piecing things together as best I can because there isn’t much information online about this band and all the text on this record and artwork is in Polish. The band photos and original layouts included would have you think that these recordings came out earlier than ’89. Even the recording is a little rough but not so primitive that you wouldn’t believe it was a long-lost KBD gem. Musically, I’m picking up a little of everything from Reagan Youth to Belgium’s the Kids, that is to say some hardcore and good ol’ rock’n’roll. You’re not going to unearth a long-lost obscure piece of punk history with this album, but for a bunch of songs in a language foreign to most of us from an era that wasn’t very remarkable, this is still quite an enjoyable listen. –Juan Espinosa (Pasazer,

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