Nov 27, 2018

Looking at the cover of this disc, I said to myself, “What the fuck is this?” It’s got two guys covered in tattoos wearing blood-splattered barber smocks holding straight razors. Well, I love me a good schtick, so let’s dive in. Wow, not what I was expecting. Mid-tempo garage punk with an ethereal kind of feeling. Kid Congo Powers instantly came to mind, with a little of Alex Cuervo’s (of The Hex Dispensers) guitar sound. It’s a really cool combination. A little internet information search tells me they are from Seattle (of course legendary grunge producer Jack Endino recorded it) and that number two of this two-piece unit is none other than Donny Paycheck, drummer for Zeke. This is a distinctly Pacific Northwest sound and I immediately gravitated towards it. I’m still not too sure where the shtick fits in, but in the end, it isn’t needed because these songs are great and stand on their own. –Ty Stranglehold (Digital Warfare,