CURSE WORDS: Trash Planet Earth: CD

Dec 06, 2019

Am I at MAGFest? Is this a video game boss battle? This record starts with dramatic synthy organs but quickly returns to melodic pop punk. Curse Words write space punk concept albums and this record tracks the journey for a new home planet, finding trash planet earth. It’s almost as if they crash landed in the midst of Greta Thunberg’s speech. The first track ends “tell the kids ‘fuck you,’” as if from the perspective of boomer climate change deniers angry at the undeniable truth that their planet is already uninhabitable. The message continues in “Captain We’ve Landed” with “we’ll probably die out in a couple of years, and it’s occurred to me, how lovely earth will be when we finally leave,” foreshadowing our own impending extinction event. Drowning in pep, you can hear the excitement of the earth to no longer be trash. It’s overwhelmingly positive unless you’re a garbage human. –Lorien Lamarr (Self released)