CURRANT JAM #3, $25, 8½” x 11½”, printed, 80 pgs.

Mar 19, 2024

A vibrant and wild art zine out of Los Angeles, Currant Jam covers an impressively wide range of creative endeavors. That said, there are a lot of puppets in this issue, from the gonzo DIY Freak Nature Puppets to the Gumby-like stop motion puppetry of the film My Wacky Life. I adore puppetry, but my favorite pieces in this issue are the short fiction by Clarke e. Andros, which is built on a late-career John Wayne interview, and the collages of Grace McCarthy, which blend photography with line art and cuttings to make something truly whimsical and unique. I encourage the editors to lean into the visuals and consider reducing the text. There’s some amazing stuff to look at in these pages, but some of the photos are so small that they aren’t really done justice. Nonetheless, this zine makes me feel positive about what is happening artistically in the world right now. –Emma Alice Johnson (

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