Sep 16, 2021

Listen: When I got kicked out of school at sixteen, the soundtrack for our summer was Dag Nasty and Onwards and Upwards by Culture Shock (Ex Subhumans). Long before “ska punk” became dirty words, Culture Shock melded fiercely anarcho punk lyrics in classic Dick Subhumans style with upbeat punky ska vibes. Even writing “punky ska vibes” makes it sound shit, but I swear it’s a thing of beauty. The band went away for twenty-plus years and has come back just as strong. Wonderful. –Tim Brooks (Bluurg,

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BEEKEEPERS: Song Demos 3: Floppy disc

March 27, 2020
I assume that, at some point in time, I must have asked—largely rhetorically—“what could possibly be a dumber format for music than cassettes?” In testimony to my clear lack of vision, these three songs are presented in the timeless 3.5” floppy disc format (which, one must grudgingly admit, was a great format for unlicensed font swapping back in the day). While I do have an (allegedly) working floppy drive, I found this disc to be wholly unreadable on my Windows laptop; my Mac desktop could detect and open the disc, but couldn’t copy or play the files off it, which may (but probably doesn’t) have something to do with the fact that the little shutter fell right off of the disc housing the first time I picked it up. After an embarrassingly determined period of attempting to get the disc to work, I went online and found that these songs were all available as free downloads, so I tossed the floppy in the trash and listened on my phone. They’re actually a lot better than one would assume a band who releases material on a floppy disc would be, kinda like if one of the dudes from They Might Be Giants sang for the Dead Milkmen. All the same, being old school and all, I think I’ll wait until they release this on those O.G. 5” floppies. Go big or go home! BEST SONG & BEST SONG TITLE: “Waste All My Time (With Her On My Mind).” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If you release your material on floppy disc, you forfeit the right to a Fantastic Amazing Trivia Fact. –Rev. Nørb (Beekeepers,
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