CULTURE SHOCK: Attention Span: CD

Nov 29, 2016

I’m not interested in bands reforming, cashing in, and realizing their youth slipped away so they try to claw it back by rehashing their old shit. Dick Lucas from the Subhumans, Citizen Fish, and Culture Shock does not fit into that category. He has been relentlessly playing and touring in bands since the late ‘70s on a one hundred percent DIY level. Culture Shock hit me at the absolute zenith of my youth. Their second LP came out when I was sixteen and is part of many memories of life, love, and punk that it’s impossible for me to be objective. Culture Shock came on the back of the waning anarcho punk movement after the Subhumans split, blending anarcho punk with ska and reggae. At a time when the punks moved from squats into buses and free festivals, dreadlocks, Stonehenge, and living life outside of society. At sixteen years old, this rejection of society made more sense to me than the fighting the system attitude of bands like Conflict. Culture Shock played free festivals and pushed the ideals of self-sufficiency and community. Listening to the newly reformed Culture Shock, I’m taken right back to the mid-’80s, I cannot believe how this new record sounds like it was recorded just after their last LP even though it was some twenty-five years ago. Fantastic anarcho punk (with some ska to keep it bouncing) with positive lyrics about an alternative to this shit we do on the day to day. I’m a cynical fuck, but this record (as good as any of their others) made me smile—and, for a second—believe we can make a change. –Tim Brooks (Alternative Tentacles,