CULT OF LIP, THE: Right Now: 7” EP

Nov 29, 2016

I got a cassette copy of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless for review back when I was writing for the local college newspaper. I plopped it in and, like many others, was overwhelmed by its sonic density. It got a lot of airplay around the office. After a while, however, I became aware of a woozy quality buried in the tracks and was soon convinced that the cassette was somehow warped. I bought another copy, and it, too, sounded warped. I eventually decided it added a layer of “interesting” to it and listened to it as-is. It wasn’t until some time later, when a homeboy’s girlfriend was listening to a CD of the album that I realized that warped sound was intentional. Though the current release under discussion isn’t a MBV knockoff, it does share some similar qualities with the aforementioned album—woozy guitars, howling feedback, even the odd, brief interstitial noise, but between songs. These kids, however, eschew the shoegaze angle for a more direct angle. The reverb-drenched vocals bring mind Subterranean Records obscuros Pre Fix, and the instrumentation owes more to an art punk/pop sensibility than Cocteau Twins. Their efforts are largely successful, delivering tracks that are both creative enough to give ‘em some wiggle room and engaging enough to invite many more listens. –Jimmy Alvarado (Mpls Ltd.,

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