CUL-DE-SAC #7, $3, 8½”x 11”, copied, 44 pgs.

Mar 28, 2018

This zine is the result of the collective efforts of Liz Mason and Julie Halpern, lifelong friends who released the last issue in… the late ‘90s?? Yes, Cul-de-sac apparently began as an outlet for two teen or twenty-something punk kids’ pop culture obsessions, including, as we are reminded more than once throughout this new issue, Grease 2. It has endured the ravages of the decades and been resurrected to become—well, pretty much the same thing, but now for two punk adults in their forties. This first issue of the twenty-first century is designated “The Adult Geek Issue” and features articles like “Product Review: My Signed David Tennant Postcard” and a two-part essay called “My Dungeons and Dragons Group Broke Up.” Not to say that this is just a wacky zine about nerd culture. Both Mason and Halpern are adept at balancing sarcastic and self-aware humor with real, raw-nerved openness, and the odes to Carrie Fisher and Ancient Aliens take their places alongside essays about personal tragedy and the angst of feeling like an outsider within outsider subcultures. This is a strong comeback decades in the making, and I would absolutely want to hang out with both of these people. –Indiana Laub (Cul-de-sac, PO Box 477553, Chicago, IL 60647)