Mar 28, 2018

Cruel Whip is the work of David Petro of Art Acevedo, and guitarist/vocalist of Xetas. Self-described as “electro-industrial” and “experimental techno,” this tape opens up with “Deathwatch,” a song that sounds like it is influenced by a roller coaster going up the tracks before it descends down. As the chains on the track clink under your car, the surrounding eerie music sounds like the emotions going through your brain as you prepare yourself for what is to come. It’s the anxious feeling of knowing your stomach is going to drop as soon as you start flying down the other side. As the song develops, the nervous energy in the sounds begin to form patterns, until the song sputters out at the end. The intro to “Consumption” has a chiming frequency sound that reminds me of when you dial a phone number that is no longer in service, and your phone gives you feedback that sounds like your phone call got intercepted by aliens. The frequency goes on through the song, altering its tone, deepening, extending, and gives me creepy vibes, like the eerie feeling of walking into an empty house and feeling that something is off. The end of the song sounds like a call trying to be reconnected, and the intro chiming looping. Title track “Fatal Man” is the only song where you hear someone’s voice. This track incites chaos. It reminds me of what it sounded like when dial-up internet was the only thing we had, and you picked up the phone to make a call when someone else was logged online. –Cynthia Pinedo (Self Sabotage,