CROWN COURT: “On the GG’s” b/w “Mad in England”: 7”

Nov 27, 2018

Oi is one of those deceptively simple genres that’s difficult to do well. Besides the political minefields, there just aren’t a lot of solid oi groups. Many bands see the skin and not the win. Crown Court came out swinging in 2016 with a single and an album that showcased the rainbow of influences spawning the art of oi. The band’s recent single has three songs running the gambit of the craft. “On the GG’s” has a lifestyle-inspired chorus with mid-tempo, hard-hitting power chords. “Mad in England” ups the pace with speed and an anthemic sing-a-long chorus. “Fight or Fall” is another slammer to end the single. The single has a welcome retro feel in its production. Good oi has rock’n’roll elements in tow, and Crown Court are obviously students of the genre. –Billups Allen (Goner)