CRONICA LIBRE, LA, May 2022, free, 11” x 17”, offset, 28 pgs.

Jul 20, 2022

Whether it’s the sight of a person sleeping on the sidewalk in front of an uninhabited multi-million dollar condo, or having your humble economy sedan run off a side street by a luxury SUV, to live in Los Angeles is to constantly have the city’s broad, shameful wealth gap rubbed in your face. La Cronica Libre is here to help, with articles—English and Spanish versions printed side-by-side—for the people of L.A. The real people. Topics covered include racist housing policies, the city’s ever-shrinking amount of open public space, and an apology for anti-Blackness in the local Korean community. It’s all interesting, lively, timely and, unfortunately, timeless; a heartening reminder that you are not alone in the sprawl. –Chris Terry (336 Laveta Ter., LA, CA 90026)

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