CRIMINAL OUTFIT: Time to Get Crucial: 7” EP

May 24, 2022

Criminal Outfit is in the tradition of the hard American oi that was developed in Atlanta in the mid-1980s by bands like Anti-Heros and Moonstomp. Taking skinhead tropes and applying U.S. hardcore elements, those groups are way more of an influence on this new Los Angeles band than any of the classic British boot bands. Pressed on slick swirled vinyl, this 7” is one of the releases on LSM, the label that formed from the ashes of the legendary Longshot Music. The razor-sharp vocals, fast pace, and rebellious anti-state lyrics gel nicely on the three original tracks featured here. Also included is a cover of “Skinhead” by The Strike. Time to Get Crucial is crucial indeed. –Art Ettinger (LSM,