CRIM: Sense Excuses: 7” EP

Nov 27, 2018

Crim are an exceptional Spanish street punk band that fit in perfectly on Pirates Press, Longshot, or any of the current staples of the genre. They’re exactly what you’d expect: tough (but not too tough), catchy, and well recorded. The title track is a singalong gem of a modern oi track with all the right elements, while “Mai Vam Ser Especials” is more of a rockin’, Social Distortion-influenced number. The flip is a pair of covers—Turbonegro and Cock Sparrer—but both are extremely well done, true to originals, and interesting enough to keep your attention. Here’s looking forward to watching this band in the future. –Steve Adamyk (Pirates Press, / Contra / HFMN Tesla / Bcore Disc)