CREEPS, THE: Beneath the Pines: LP

Jul 25, 2018

When I first heard this collection of songs, admittedly I was looking for something a bit darker. Something a bit more Creeps-y? Yeah, I love Eulogies so much that I kind of wanted Pines to be a repeat of that. But after my third or fourth time through the record, once I started to know the words to all the songs and the tone of each track, it really grew on me. Sonically, this record is much brighter and sharper than their last, but the subject matter is just as grim. “Full Shook” is about Skottie’s grandmother suffering a stroke, though even without that context the lyrics: “I just picture a scared old woman trapped behind her eyes / Full shook, tongue tied,” still resonate hard with me. There are ones about long-term relationships in “Even,” depression and sadness in “Low,” and the fear of dying in “Scared.” Where Eulogies was more of a bleakly beautiful record, Pines is the yin to The Creeps’ yang, which is beautifully bleak. The song “Shimmer” is aptly titled, as you can hear the cymbals reverberate and ripple throughout, and it’s a very nice way to set up the record. If you don’t catch all the lyrics as you make your way though this latest effort, it might not hit very hard. But once I spent some more time with Skottie’s incredible voice, the darkness of Beneath the Pines comes through in droves. Each song has just enough despondency, fright, and uncertainty to make me cry. And each one is pretty enough to do so while smiling a bit. Fantastic record. –Kayla Greet (It’s Alive)