CREEP STARE: Pain Game: 7”

Apr 08, 2019

Burly, slightly-faster-than-midtempo USHC from this new Youth Attack band. Those familiar with the label know that they specialize in highly stylized hardcore that—despite a close attention to detail—tends to fall on the “no frills” side of the hardcore spectrum, which is a hard style to pull off. Everything, including the guitars and vocals, seems to be percussive. The mix focuses on the low-end, skirting the treble-y, early Dischord sound that defined “old school” hardcore just a few years ago. Everything shouts “simplicity,” from the steady thud of the snare drum to the fractured rhythm of the lyrics. It’s all offset by a slick sleeve/printed inner sleeve design that’s modern, but in line with the aesthetics of the label more than it is with other examples of “modern HC.” –Ian Wise (Youth Attack,