CRAVATS: Hoorahland: CD

Gotta love the true originals, man. Decades of bands striving to sound like one another, or whatever flavor of the month is in, but it’s the ones that stick out that sore thumb and gleefully jam it in the eyes of all the others that leave the lasting impression. Forty-odd years, and several albums removed from their supposed “heyday” and the Cravats are still doing things their own way and kicking serious ass while doing so. Continuing along similar lines as their more recent albums, Hoorahland is a mix of Brecht-damaged punk and psychedelic nightmares, slathered heavily with wry wit, more World Inferno Friendship Society meets Phantom Limbs than, say, D.R.I.—a blissfully psychotic assault on the average punter’s sensibilities, as it should be. Trend-hoppers will likely turn their noses up, but sonically adventurous should find just enough here to bend the noggin for a good while. –Jimmy Alvarado (Overground,