CRASHPAD #1, $6, 6.6”x 9¾”, copied, 32 pgs.

May 24, 2022

New York artist Gary Panter does an homage to psychedelic comics of the bygone era. Some anthropomorphic hippy dog-like characters take some LSD, go out to the desert, trip their little heads off, and are stalked by an angry cowboy. There’s some other stuff in there about diners, dishes, and all kinds of psychedelic wackiness, i.e.: all-seeing eyes, robots, aliens, lava lamps, adorable penguins, et cetera. It’s a comic full of mish-mashy randomness. The back cover has some illustrated recommendations of other hippy-era publications and nature books. If you like sixties-era alternative comics or Gary Panter, you will like this. I only enjoy the latter, so I thought it was enjoyable and pretty funny at times. I enjoy any form of affordable Gary Panter art, and this is cheap. –Rick V. (

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