Aug 01, 2019

I don’t know what is happening in Victoria, BC but, whatever it is, it is deeply intriguing. I saw this band Bloody Wilma there a few years ago, a two-piece that played three twenty-minute songs with very few vocals and it blew my mind. I have been fucking desperate since, finding out they rarely play and have never recorded anything. It is zero percent hard for me to understand how Crashing Into Things comes out of the same scene. Only one of these songs is sub four minutes and there is some seriously excellent weirdo shit happening. Very cheeky lyrics and a Mike Patton-level vocal range, but Mr. Bungle era. I suspect I am in the presence of some serious tone nerds because the tones on here are extremely tight and seem to be the real instrument being played. This is what happens when music is made by people in a city at the tip of an extremely sparsely populated island with intense levels of rainfall, for sure. –Theresa W. (Querc)