CRANFORD NIX: Drinkin’ with Some Angels: LP

May 24, 2022

Who is Cranford Nix? The Mitch Hedberg of acoustic rock’n’roll. Immediate, impactful, and honestly written songs, all performed very directly—and with a real comedic edge—by a troubled man and his guitar. A man who tragically died way too young. It seems that this is the only official recording of Cranford Nix’s songs: a 1990 live performance. It’s a document of a young man who knows his demons and sings about them in about as honest and direct a way as possible, all with an enthusiastically upbeat delivery. Rounded out by a couple Stones covers, I feel like I got to know the dude after half an hour and wish we could hang. This posthumous release is a real celebration of life and all its complications… and a complete joy to listen to. Recommended for everyone, especially the jaded. –Chad Williams (I-94,

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