CRAMMM: “Prohibido” b/w “Ruin”: CS

May 23, 2018

This tape is interesting, in the good way. Two songs, one deliciously lavender cassette, no info besides the band name, website url, and then on the website no info beyond these two songs for your listening pleasure. It’s an information feedback loop that mirrors the insular world of the two songs, “Prohibido” and “Ruin.” Sort of what you’d expect from a pretty stripped-down experimental two piece, but what ended up turning me from semi-interested to into it is the injection of a lo-fi Beat Happening influence that can cut the melodic edge of the scuzzy Dead Meadow background. Though I probably would have already put it on my cassette shelf because the color breaks up all the black that’s already there, I’ll take it down and listen to it when the sun starts coming out and I just want to be a layabout in my lazy, smoky living room. –Theresa W. (Self-released)