CRAMMM: Live 2018: CS

May 20, 2019

This was a really enjoyable listen. I can’t find much about the band, but the photo on the inside cover of the tape shows guitars and drums. There isn’t a song list on the tape either. I don’t know if they are tuned strangely or if it’s some sort of unorthodox set, but the drums have an appealing compressed quality. The percussion is mechanically fun and frames overdriven, minor chord guitar runs and a bored vocal attack. I love a good late-night cassette experience. That’s where this falls with me. I hate to make my old-man, likely-out-of-touch comparisons, but with little info reference, but I’m going to say the set, evidently recorded live in New York City somewhere, is inventive and a low-fi treat if you like things like slower Joy Division songs and/or less structured V.U. I’d listen to it again. –Billups Allen (Brainplan,


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