Nov 22, 2017

Geographically, this is a unique and uncommon pairing—Crab Legs from North Dakota sharing half a 7” with South Korea’s Full Garage. The two places couldn’t have less to do with each other. Even their directional qualifiers are opposite. However, when you listen to them side by side, it makes so much sense. Both bands are definitely skate punk, heavily influenced by the late ‘90s / early ‘00s, but that doesn’t mean you’re in store for seven songs that sound exactly alike. Bands are ultimately products of their own environments and surroundings. So with Crab Legs we get songs about the cops, loneliness, addiction, and alienation. Vocally and lyrically they’re not far off from something Off With Their Heads would write, if they were a skate punk band. And while we’re on the musical comparisons kick, Full Garage’s singer sounds an awful lot like Fat Mike— especially on “Chainsaw Truck.” The one criticism I have is for Crab Legs. I don’t know if it was just a bad time in the studio, but the drumming on this record sounds like he can barely keep up with the tempo. Skate punk is pretty brutally fast. On the flip side though, Full Garage’s drummer rips through their songs as if he was running laps around the rest of the band. It’s a cool split with good tunes, but right now I’m more interested in finding out how these two bands decided to work together! –Kayla Greet (World Domination Inc. / Tiny Dragon Music)