COYOTE BRED: Somewhere Else: CD

Aug 01, 2019

There’s just nothing here that really connects with me. It mostly feels like radio friendly mid-tempo rock with gruff Dave Grohl-like vocals. I haven’t quite listened to enough Foo Fighters to make a solid comparison, but man I sure can easily lump their sound in with bands like that. While I’m sure these songs were written with real forethought and intention, the way they came out sonically is just not up my alley. It’s also a bold choice to start the whole record with an emphatic delivery of the line “Put a gun in my mouth/ I just can’t take it anymore,” then follow it up with a song of unrequited summer love that sprinkles in some disco drums in the chorus and hand claps on the bridge. Yeah, there’s a lot going on with this song that I just find really cheesy. Not my bag. –Kayla Greet (Bomb Pop)