COWBOYS, THE: Room of Clons: LP

It took me a few spins of their last album, The Bottom of a Rotten Flower, before I actually had to wave the white flag and admit, yeah, okay, this really is a good band, you got me dead to rights. For the first two tracks here––sharp, quick rock with enjoyably shallow new wave trappings––I was overjoyed, thinking I was witnessing the birth of the band’s Flush the Fashion. However, by “The Beige Connection,” shit started to go kinda sideways for me. I mean, the sticker on the shrink wrap describes the song as “Bowie seen through the lens of Suicide,” but I thought it sounded more like the Psychedelic Furs seen through the lens of Tiny Tim. After that, things start sounding like a garage punk band trying to sound like any given song off of any given Kinks album within a few years either way of 1970––not a terrible goal or anything, but they got me all hyped up because I thought they were making their fake new wave album, then they detoured into all this loony Burt Bacharach-core stuff. It’s the ol’ bait-and-switch, I tell you! So, while I admire the band’s ambitiousness, realize that this record could grow on me with repeated listenings, and grant that, given that this record spins at 45, they honestly don’t have time to indulge themselves to the point that it’s truly off-putting, I still feel like I came into it expecting the band’s Flush the Fashion and came out feeling like I’d just been rolled by the band’s Sandinista! Hey, where’s the Equals cover? BEST SONG: “Clon Time.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Martian Childcare.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Flush the Fashion is my favorite Alice Cooper album. –Rev. Nørb (Feel It,