COWBOYS, THE: Live at Tony’s Garage: 7” EP

May 23, 2018

Live, this band seems puzzlingly uncomfortable, like a high school band under the lights at a school talent show. Even on the cover photo, the guys with guitars look like they’re trying to hide behind them and the guys without guitars are trying to hide behind the guys who do have guitars; the whole photo is arranged like their collective grandma told them to move closer together and hold still. Even their cover of long-enduring garage standard “The Witch” by the Sonics bears some odd parallel to the de rigueur cover of “Takin’ Care of Business” played by roughly one hundred percent of the non-punk high school bands of my day. Yet, somehow, awash in the dorkness, these guys often manage to sound like a lo-fi (if you ask me, it sounds more like Don Zientara’s garage) Rip Off Records version of second album Saints (hold the brass)—no mean feat when none of their originals break the two-minute barrier and the songs were, you know, literally recorded in a garage. Being compared to a lo-fi second-album Saints constitutes a positive review, by the way. Even a Packer fan will like these Cowboys! BEST SONG: “Mint Condition.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Sittin’ Pretty” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This is the first time I can remember seeing a disassembled drum set on a record cover –Rev. Nørb (Feel It,