COWBOY, THE: Wi-Fi on the Prairie: LP

May 28, 2020

Two former Homostupids plus Steve Peffer (9 Shocks Terror, Folded Shirt, Pleasure Leftists, Donkey Bugs, the list is endless) equals The Cowboy from Cleveland (not to be mistaken with the Cowboys from Indiana.) Eleven tracks of discordant yet enchantingly rhythmic noise punk the way only Midwestern freaks can produce. Speaking of production, this album is masterfully recorded and mixed. Every guitar string plucked and twanged, every bass cab rattle and thud, and every eardrum-splitting kick from the drums rings crisply from the wax to the speakers. Listening to good music can be quite the experience especially when the endorphins start rushing in. Feels good, man. More of this. –Juan Espinosa (Feel It,