I’ve never been to Gonerfest. Came close a couple of times, but never actually pulled the trigger. Sounds like the best time in the world, though. The Goner gang, Murphy’s, The Hi-Tone et al., it feels as if I’ve already been there. I know so much about them, hearing all the good stories, like a few Ottawa folk walking home through a shit neighborhood and getting chased back to their motel. The Gonerfest single of the year—usually a freebie for gold ticket purchasers—is essentially a promo for two new signings, the Couteau Latex and Aquarian Blood. The French/Swiss pair do a weird, drone-y synth number that’s pretty stellar. On the B-side, Aquarian Blood are a cool band to watch out for that Memphis sound we all know and love (and may feature a Nots member?). An important city in the history of modern rock’n’roll. –Steve Adamyk (Goner)