COPYRIGHTS, THE: Alone in a Dome: CD

Jan 21, 2022

I’ve enjoyed The Copyrights since I first heard the band a good few years back, so finally getting to see the band in the U.K. three years ago was a real joy. That experience was one I won’t forget as the band showed that nothing can compare with live music, the warts and all feeling of hearing songs as they were meant to be enjoyed. That being said I eagerly awaited the arrival of Alone in a Dome, the first long player from the Illinois quartet in seven years. It’s a really strong record. The faster songs immediately settled in my head whilst the mid-tempo ones took a few plays to work their way into my mind as I got used to their slightly more involved structures. The Copyrights knock out some excellent singalong tunes with great choruses that are great to join in with, which is all part of the fun with this band. Saying that though, my squawky voice isn’t a patch on the vocals of Adam Fletcher, whose singing comes over so well. As much as I love the faster tracks, it’s one of the slower songs, “Stuck in the Winter,” that I find the most enjoyable. The tempo fits the theme of the cold and darkness of that season to a tee, yet there is a sense of positivity contained in the line: “Remember though as you trudge through the softening snow, that each day gets longer.” This album gets a standing ovation from me. –Rich Cocksedge (Fat)

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