May 24, 2022

I’m not usually a huge fan of electronica or goth rock, but Convert walks a fine line between the genres—and adds in enough post-rock—so that it appeals to me. Musically, the band is reminiscent of the dark, brooding sound of I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, Joy Division, or Pornography-era Cure. Vocally—and I realize this is going to sound really weird—Convert reminds me of Ray Cappo in the ’80s when he was fronting Youth Of Today and if he sang. It’s a unique mix that will certainly appeal to a wide range of music fans, for sure. While I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of these styles of music, I can’t deny Convert is good at what they do and it’s pretty unique. –Kurt Morris (Forge Again, / Triple Eye / Dog & Pony)