CONVERGE: Bloodmoon: I: CD/LP

Jan 21, 2022

­The latest Converge album sounds like what would happen if you mixed goth rocker Chelsea Wolfe with Converge’s slow songs from the past decade and occasionally had Stephen Brodsky from Cave In sing. And I say that because that’s exactly what’s going on here. Converge vocalist Jake Bannon is still around but Wolfe also chimes in on many tracks with her angelic, otherworldly voice. In addition, former Converge guitarist Brodsky comes back on vocals for some songs, both in singing and screaming mode. We’ve heard Converge play this slower, brooding style on tracks like “Cruel Bloom” and “Wretched World” on the band’s 2009 album Axe to Fall. With Bloodmoon: I don’t expect any breakneck beats (although “Lord of Liars” gets close). Instead, you’ll find eleven songs that are at times orchestral (without an actual orchestra) and other times sinister sounding. That said, I listen to Converge to feel like I got the shit beat out of me and haven’t been a fan of their slower songs. That’s not to say these tunes aren’t good. This album is stellar, but not quite what I look for with Converge. But, if you’ve ever enjoyed Chelsea Wolfe but wished her music would be even harder, this will be the album for you. –Kurt Morris (Epitaph)

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