CONVERGE: Beautiful Ruin: 7”

Sep 26, 2018

Recently, I woke up to an email from Bandcamp letting me know there was new music from Converge. What? One of my favorite bands has new music released without me knowing? The fact is no one knew because it was entirely unannounced. The four songs that comprise the Beautiful Ruin release are all burners that were part of the same session that produced Converge’s excellent recent album, The Dusk in Us. Any of these songs could easily have been included on the album as they’re all strong efforts. The longest song on here is 2:24, so that gives you an idea of how quick these bursts are. There are some wonderful nuances that I appreciated (it’s all about the little things) such as the chugging riffs of “Permanent Blue” or the Napalm Death influence of “Churches and Jails.” Converge fans definitely need this 7” and even those who aren’t fans but want some blistering, fast hardcore should check this out. –Kurt Morris (Deathwish)