CONTESTED GROUND #2, £1.50, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 38pgs.

Mar 23, 2017

Here we have a compilation zine put together by some British punk dudes who are nerding out on football, hereafter to be referred to as soccer. Each chapter is a different punker’s take on the sport. What did I learn? These guys drink a lot of tea. Meat pies are the official unofficial snack of English soccer fans. Teams have clubs and clubs have special bars. But maybe you’re like me and you know nothing about planet earth’s most popular sport. If so, you might be a bit lost among all this talk of “footy” and “gadgie” and “porkless pie.” What’s in it for you? I liked Contested Ground best when the writers fall deep into their subject and start getting a little whimsical. One guy asks his “granddad” about the sport and what it meant to him, and granddad says that soccer is like theater: “You get the actors, you get the audience, you get the involvement, [and] it lasts for days.” Is this maybe the only known literature for soccer punks? If that’s your thing, enjoy. –Jim Joyce (

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