Constitution Demands It, The: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump By Ron Fein, John Bonifaz, Ben Clements, 224 pgs.

Dec 13, 2018

It is a testament to Donald Trump’s shittiness that this very thorough book, which was printed in August 2018, is already dated and in need of an expanded edition as of  the beginning of October 2018. This book is informative because it is not written in a polemical style trying to convince people Trump is a bigoted, corrupt, ignorant, distempered, reckless, thin-skinned, narcissistic demagogue with anti-democratic tendencies. Rather, starting with the premise that the aforementioned characteristics of Trump’s presidency are already readily apparent with even minimal research, the strength of this book is that it is instead written in the style of an extended, rather dry legal argument which enumerates what exactly the potential legal groundwork would be were Trump to actually be held to account by Congress and impeached.

While the book is dry, it is not boring. Rather, the three attorneys who penned this book do an excellent job of articulating the many ways Trump and his administration’s flagrant disregard for the constitutional duties and standards of his office evince more than sufficient cause, according to precedent and the Constitution, to set in motion impeachment proceedings were there is the political will to do so. Eight areas are considered and fleshed out in briefings, which lay out the facts and legal reasoning for each’s potential as an article of impeachment. The book is written in a very accessible layperson’s legalese which does a great job of being eminently readable while avoiding condescension. The book reads like a depressing greatest hits of why Trump’s administration is one of the United States’ low points, but the clarity with which the authors explore each of these areas (including such things as Trump’s refusal to sever his compromising business interests, his constant attacks on the press, and his malicious abuse of presidential pardons) helps focus the sense of anger that arises when one thinks of the presidency in its current state.

The attorneys who wrote this book work for an organization called Free Speech for People, and have impressive backgrounds including law school at Stanford, Cornell, and Harvard. With the current Republican control of both chambers of Congress, and now cementing their dominance over the Supreme Court by fecklessly pushing through walking shit-stain Brett Kavanaugh to the bench, even a book this well formulated and researched is essentially just wishful thinking unless major changes happen come November. Just in the last week the New York Times published a gigantic investigative report on how Donald Trump and his family have potentially committed hundreds of millions of dollars of fraud in cementing their fortune, and already it’s being forgotten due to how much figurative garbage Trump and his right wing enablers in the White House and Congress keep shoveling onto the country.  Here’s hoping against hope that change happens this November.  –Adrian Salas (Melville House Publishing,