CONQUEST FOR DEATH: A Maelstrom of Resentment and Regret: LP

May 25, 2021

San Francisco’s Conquest For Death arose from the ashes of the sudden and unannounced death of What Happens Next?, a favorite band of mine from the early 2K’s thrash revival. Essentially the same band members sans Max on drums, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I didn’t care much for Conquest For Death the first time I heard/saw them. I was more than likely still mourning the loss of WHN? That’s all over with now and I’m pleased to report that this new album is a fucking ripper. Sixteen tracks of rip-roaring thrash and hardcore from these Bay Area lifers with intensely personal lyrics courtesy of Devon Morf who, for a guy in his early fifties, can jump higher than most people I know. Deluxe packaging includes a spot glossed gatefold jacket, two deluxe posters, amazing cover art by Alex Nino (DC, Marvel), and thick-ass vinyl. Can’t go wrong with this one. –Juan Espinosa (Refuse,,

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