CONNOISSEUR: Over the Edge: LP

Aug 16, 2017

The boys from Oakland’s Connoisseur love to smoke weed. With song titles like “The Stoning,” “Weeding out the Weak,” and “Boulevard of Broken Bongs,” the message is not subtle. This is not coded language a la Puff the Magic Dragon to try and sneak past your mom’s critical eye. What makes Over the Edge a cool album is not its worship of the sweet leaf. There are plenty of better albums that already do that. (Sleep’s Dopesmoker or Peter Tosh’s Legalize It, et cetera.) Over the Edge makes its mark by packing heavy stoner metal riffs and screaming vocals into songs that average a Ramones-worthy sixty-one seconds a piece. (Yes, I did the math.) Connoisseur has managed to take songs that sound like High On Fire’s brand of stoner-sludge metal and package them into short, sharp punk-length jams. It makes for a fun listen, whether you are sober, high, or somewhere in between. –Jon Mule (Tankcrimes,