CONIFEROUS: Self-titled: CS

Nov 22, 2017

What if you took the band Lightning Bolt and gave them so many drugs that they couldn’t play as fast as they normally do? That’s the question that the “broken vinyl player as an aesthetic ideal” band Coniferous seeks to answer. The results are mostly listening to noisy distorted guitars speed up and down, with loud math rock drums in there as well. Oh, actually, apparently none of those sounds are guitars. It’s a man singing the notes through a distorted microphone. It comes off sounding like a bass, but it does have a sort of off-key humming sound of an exhausted drummer singing into a microphone. As an experiment, it’s neat. As music, it’s a chore. Every handful of minutes delivers a slice of a better song, a riff, or some motif that seems like it could to something, before drifting back to strange tones and hums. –Bryan Static (Self Sabotage,