CONDOR: Cassette Single #1: CS

Nov 22, 2017

One man band (for those who keep up with these things, it’s the drummer of Rixe and the guy who does Digital Octopus) doing early French punk/oi (points of reference include Reich Orgasm, Kidnap, Robert et les Enfants Sauvages, Drei Oklok, and a lot of other bands you’re not going to look up). Honestly, the first time I heard about this—speaking as a nerd about the Chaos Productions catalog—I didn’t have my hopes up and I was very happy to be proven wrong, as I’d put this recording up against any of the Rixe 7”s. Sharp bass lines, interesting guitar work, clever vocal phrasing, and those driving drums that you’d recognize from Rixe. This recording especially works because even though it has a vintage sound and could easily be mistaken for a release from ‘82-’84, it isn’t a direct copy of anything, so it stands in its own right. –Ian Wise (Self-released)