CONDEMNED: Self-titled: CS

Jan 18, 2017

Condemned features current and former members of Chem-Trails and Oiltanker. Opton, Shane, and Tim from Oiltanker have been writing and playing music together for the better part of a decade, so before you even hit play on this five-song cassette I knew to prepare my ears for the pummeling they were about to receive. From the opening track “This Is War,” Condemned deliver a sonic beating of riffs and howling leads backed by a thundering low end. It’s as furious on tape as it is live. Vocal duties are shared by everyone in the band except the drummer Tim, and the three belt gut-shredding political lyrics you’ll be stoked to scream along and circle pit to during the choruses. A lot of good d-beat came out in the last year, but Condemned is easily one of the best. –Paul J. Comeau (Vex, [email protected], [email protected])