CONCEALED BLADE: Self-titled: 12”

May 31, 2017

I don’t know a good way to talk about this record without sounding hyperbolic. I don’t know a good way to touch on the “recommended if you likes” without having to say that they are actually better than their influences. This is twenty straight minutes of fucking riffs—any one of which would have individually been the crowning achievement of your favorite local hardcore band, but in the hands of these monsters is just another one in a series of slams and dives. Speaking of dives, there is a dive bomb every eight seconds. Fans of the band members’ previous projects (Creem, Hounds Of Hate, et cetera) would be at home here, but this is honestly a record I can put on to shut up the fake punx that tell me hardcore has been downhill since Age of Quarrel. –Ian Wise (Beach Impediment,