Mar 27, 2020

Protons and Electrons isn’t just a simple album; it’s a compilation of a series of twelve 7” releases between Conan Neutron And The Secret Friends and bands they are friends with. One side of the 7” has a CNATSF song and the other side has a song by a band such as Nonagon, The God Eaters, The Dale Crover Band, Trophy Wives, et cetera. The first album is all the CNATSF songs; the second is songs by the other bands. For those not familiar with CNATSF, they play music that sounds like a cross between Cheap Trick and the Melvins, which isn’t surprising considering their drummer is also the drummer for the Melvins. The songs here are among the best the band has done with a great mix of vocal harmonies and heavy guitar. On the end of things, the bands on the second album show that CNATSF know some acts that make great tunes. Highlights include Trophy Wives’ edgy, swaggering hardcore that channels Coliseum and Motörhead; Quivers’ Smashing Pumpkins-Rutabega rock sound; and Nonagon channeling the best of Dischord indie rock. And special attention is due the Dale Crover Band for playing an incredibly bizarre track. There’s a lot more to be said about this album but it’s definitely worth picking up. –Kurt Morris (