COMETBUS #59, $5, 8” x 5 ¼”, printed, 140 pgs.

May 29, 2020

I don’t know if you can even call this zine a zine. It’s the size of a book, and it’s bound like a paperback. In addition, the graphics—a key and possibly defining feature in many zines—are pretty much non-existent. Don’t let that put you off, though, or you’ll be completely and utterly screwed. In this issue, sub-titled “Post-Mortem,” Aaron crosses the country to interview prominent players from select underground institutions in an attempt to catalog the perceived “failures” within these organizations: Fat Mike of Fat Wreck Chords (“With revulsion I realized that we had hugged on my way in the door.”), the staff at Thrasher Magazine, C Squat, Umbrella House, activist group Black Mask, Fantagraphics, and really too many to list here. What mistakes were made? Were these mistakes learned from, or did they ultimately sink the ship (literally, in one case)? In hindsight, what should have been done differently? A huge project masterfully conceived and executed. There is a lot of heavy content in here, but Aaron’s offbeat style and great writing make this obituary a fun and easy read. “You can have it all.” –Buddha (Cometbus, PO Box 1318, Cooper Station, New York, NY, 10276)