COME HOLY SPIRIT: Asters and Disasters: LP

Jul 25, 2018

I am not surprised to read that founding member of The Ex, G.W. Sok, contributes vocals on two tracks on this record because this record immediately brings The Ex to mind. Specifically, I’m reminded of the material that The Ex recorded in the ‘90s collaborating with cellist Tom Cora, as those records incorporated a lot of traditionally “non-punk” aspects and influences into the songs while still landing firmly within the radius of The Ex’s anarcho punk roots. This LP is similar in that it’s seemingly cut from that same mold. There are songs with obvious folk music influence and there are songs with dirgey experimental guitar work that also brings to mind Dog Faced Hermans (whose guitarist also played on those records where The Ex teamed up with Tom Cora) while some other parts of this left me thinking of everything from Diamanda Galas to PJ Harvey to Crass. This record manages to coherently bring all of these wide-ranging influences together while not at all sounding exactly like any of them. The Ex has been a longtime favorite of mine, and so I really shouldn’t be shocked that I cannot seem to take this record off my turntable. Highly recommended. –Mark Twistworthy (Water Wing,