COME CLOSER: We Died with Print: LP

Mar 19, 2024

Loved their 2021 album, Pretty Garbage, and We Died with Print,for the most part, seems cut from the same cloth. No big departures from that previous effort, just ten relentlessly hooky, well-produced pop songs. There’s an inherent timelessness here—feels like this could have come out in 1987 or yesterday. It’s just got this immutable pop sensibility that feels ageless. Even during his tenure in Dan Padilla, J Wang’s vocals have always come across as melancholy to me, and in Come Closer, they feel extra pensive and sad. Hooks galore, but the band’s patient too, right? These aren’t blitzkrieg blasts; they’re taking the time to get there, and in songs like “Not Around” and the somber, explosive album closer “Talk About It,” the band’s reaching for stuff musically—and succeeding at it—that I didn’t necessarily think they could manage. Wise, melodic, moving, and catchy as hell. –Keith Rosson (Fast Crowd)

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