Comic panel from Come Again. This is it.

Come Again By Nate Powell, 272 pgs.

It’s 1979 and Haluska lives in a back-to-the-land community in the hills of Arkansas with her child. She doesn’t mind it, but she doesn’t appear to love it either. The only escape she has is an affair with her friend Adrian, a man in a monogamous relationship with Haluska’s other friend Whitney. The only place they can feel alone to get their thing on is in a cave with a tiny hobbit door that Haluska uncovered years before.

Things get weird when Adrian’s son Shane uncovers the cave and disappears. It gets weirder when the hobbit door disappears and Haluska seems to be the only person on the commune who remembers who Shane even is.

As usual, the graphic novel is beautifully illustrated by Nate Powell’s signature brush style. This book is very dark and I mean that very literally. Lots of solid black on many of the pages, especially within the caves. It is pretty effective. You are engulfed in darkness. The way Nate does word balloons is very unique too. You’ll never see a more artistically done two-word sentence.

I felt that Nate Powell thrives on collaborative works where he illustrates other authors’ stories, like the March series with John Lewis and Andrew Aydin. But Come Again is a solo book by Nate and his best work yet. It’s a slow burn with the last fifty pages keeping your eyes glued to it with your butt glued to the edge of your couch. Rick V. (Top Shelf Comix,