COLOR TV: Self-titled: LP

Jan 30, 2019

An explosive combination of Hickey and Steve Adamyk Band, Color TV’s ten-song LP from the get-go goes off like a firecracker. With spasmodic drums and fuzzy dual guitars, this Minnesotan/Oregonian four-piece have dialed into a head-spinning, adrenaline-fueled sound that’s lean and mean. Fortunately, the songs never overstay their welcome because the average length is an urgent ninety seconds. A Side closer “Pale and Vicious,” however, proves they can write a three-minute power pop hit. They fill the extra time with hooky, Marked Men-ish vocals and a guitar lead that’s guaranteed to bore into your head. Album closer “Too Close” proves yet again that they can deliver a chorus so punchy it bruises your eardrums and induces uncontrollable head bobbing. Color TV’s self-titled full-length might be over in a flash, but it demands repeat listens. –Sean Arenas (Deranged,, [email protected])