Collected Writings: Life Sex Fandom By Johnnie Jungleguts. 212 pgs.

Jun 21, 2018

I admit to being initially put off by this one: A quick flip through revealed a ton of blank space, which I thought didn’t bode well for the content, especially after realizing some of the author’s collected musings are culled from Facebook. But! After only a few pages my mind was changed. The author is a gamer (actually, a “gaymer”—I looked it up!), a fanboy and an essayist, among other things. It’s this broad palette that gives Johnnie’s writing such impact: A book of funny statuses from Facebook would quickly be relegated to a novelty. But these provide quick blasts of levity amongst essays about the author’s volunteer work on a Bolivian animal refuge, witchcraft, and his twenty-four consecutive hours playing Final Fantasy VII. The blank space he leaves on some pages just emphasizes the heft of his longer prose pieces. The sum of these disparate pieces is a deeply personal reflection of identity. Thoroughly entertaining throughout as he pinballs from subject to subject, with absurd humor a strong hook to pull in skeptics and acolytes. A complete trip, and well worth seeking out. –Michael T. Fournier (Closing,