COLD MEGA: Cold Mega: LP

Jan 24, 2024

Justice Tripp is a good ambassador for “the kids” getting into hardcore. He did his time in one of my faves, Trapped Under Ice, along with Angel Du$t and a bunch of others. He’s a tough guy who’s shown you don’t have to be boxed in or pigeonholed. You can just do what you fucking want. I admire that. Cold Mega is his bedroom recording project which is more than a schizophrenic listen. Tripp admits music is about the way he feels and not genre, which is fine but can make for difficult listening. The first song goes from shimmery bedroom pop to electronica. Other tracks go for an almost hip hop vibe to chaotic electronica like Squarepusher. I like a lot of genres he alludes to here, but not mashed together. I think “the kids” will dig it, which is all that matters I guess. The punk rockers among us will struggle. –Tim Brooks (Let’s Pretend,

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