COLD MEAT: Hot and Flustered: LP

May 28, 2020

Cold Meat hails from Perth, Western Australia but the band that comes to mind was one formed some decades ago and many thousands of miles away. Crass. There is such a fire within these songs and their delivery—with lyrics being spat out with absolute rage and disgust. They are propelled along by a spiky yet heavy guitar sound that fits the mood perfectly. That is what brings Crass to mind, along with the way that that band took no shit and cared not for what anyone thought of it. There is a strong and uncompromising anti-misogynistic message proffered throughout Hot and Flustered, one that is shouted from the rooftops, making sure it cannot be ignored. Oh yes, they don’t like ZZ Top either, which is another positive to me. –Rich Cocksedge (Static Shock, [email protected],

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