COFFIN SALESMAN: Nicrophorus Americanus: CD

Jan 30, 2019

Nicrophorus Americanus is Coffin Salesman’s third album in the last two years. The full-band project of vocalist/guitarist Aria Rad, Coffin Salesman is guitar- and piano-driven blues rock. The full band includes fiddle/violin, bass, piano, and drums. Rad handles vocals, guitar, and some piano duties, and wrote all the songs and lyrics. The opening track “The Watchmaker,” was slow to get going, and didn’t catch my ear, but the rest of the album packs enough emotional and musical intensity to make up for the bland introduction. With both raucous rockers, and slow and somber tracks as in “Scene of the Crime,” Coffin Salesman hits all the right emotional and musical notes. –Paul J. Comeau (Coffin Salesman, [email protected])