Sep 22, 2022

I can’t tell you why but I could tell these guys were Italian just from the singing accent. Though I can tell you that I knew it was skate punk because they used every hallmark of the genre. The drumming is that high speed doodle bap for about three quarters of the record, but they do hold back for a good few measures every song. Guitar licks are interesting and not your standard barrage of downstrokes and solos. And guess what? The song “Reggae for Yankeez” is full of uptempo ska guitar with some smooth solos as well. They must have two guitar players. Most of the way through the track they drop the Jamaican act and launch back into the blistering speed of skate punk again. If ’90s Fat records are your jam, these guys are holding a clinic on the genre. My only note is I wish the vocals were a smidge louder in the mix. –Kayla Greet (Flamingo / Velvet Worm)

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